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  • Z: I keep looking at my phone, hoping my dog will text me.
  • Me: What?
  • Z: Don't you ever have that? Where you want your pet to send you a text message? Just saying, "Hey! What's up?"
  • Me: Putting aside the fact that your dog doesn't have thumbs or a phone, do you have your dog in your contacts?

Everything about this is incredible.  #TonkatsuTuesday #MrT #RaceAgainstTime

Everything about this is incredible. #TonkatsuTuesday #MrT #RaceAgainstTime


“They gave us the Bill Cosby green screen footage and we were like, ‘what the fuck’”

– Richard Yuricich, visual effects supervisor on Ghost Dad

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Scare tactics


Scare tactics

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Fantastic little video of Walt explaining Disney’s old multiplane camera process.

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repost of me being a geek on the accordion #thesimpsons #accordion

It’s the Gracie Films part at the end that nails it.



Oona… rocks! (by Akusmi)

Love this.